Masterclass Windows – what can they do for you!

Energy Efficiency

The Potential for Savings is Enormous

Masterclass windows ensure the highest energy efficiency products for your home through glass technology and thermal transmission reduction. Solar gain is a direct contribution to high energy usage which is why Masterclass only use products which are designed for high UV climatic reduction to ensure the investment you make in your home is repaid through lower energy consumption.

Maximum Insulation Values

With U values from 0.8 to 1.6 W/ M₂K, Masterclass windows achieve optimum thermal insulation. These values are achieved, for example, in the PVCu thanks to the efficiency of our glass and the characteristic is our multi chambered windows.


Do Not Take Any Risks

Feeling safe in your home and knowing your home is safe is all to do with the certainty of feeling protected, from the wind and the weather but most of all against thieves. Masterclass security features are internally mounted to steel subsections to provide a robust and highly effective deterrent. High theft protection should not compromise the design or the curb appeal of the products but enhance its functionality. Masterclass multi option security protection can be increased to resistance class 3 (RC3) with the help of specific closing points. Locking handles, adapted to the consistent design expectations of Masterclass along with a monitoring of the closure of the aperture through the Masterclass “Smart “ Technology you are able to use a fob activation function when leaving your home are just some of the characteristics of our product range.

Multi Point Locking

Thanks to the Masterclass standard protection all of our mechanical locking is multi point engagement. Leaving the home should not be moment of doubt as the Masterclass product range incorporates a comprehensive multi point locking system as standard.

Closing Monitoring with Masterclass

Even a normal Masterclass window presents difficulties for thieves. But if this is not enough for you, know that the monitored closure, integrated in the window itself, has a confirmation function, using a magnetic switch, to electrically check all the closures when leaving the house. This increases the desired individual safety.



With Masterclass Fully Automatic

Greater comfort in the home, thanks to the automation of the building. Pressing a button is enough to open and close windows. And with a simple glance, see that everything is closed. Masterclass building technology offers a multitude of residential solutions and enable electronic supervision of window opening and closing, natural and automated ventilation as well as motorised and regulated solar protection.

Advantages for the user:

  • Greater comfort thanks to a comfortable interior environment
  • Remarkable energy savings
  • A plus in safety and comfort


Closing windows is becoming more comfortable. Our climate sensor is able to automatically close all windows as soon as the weather gets worse. Likewise, sliding systems, large and heavy, can be opened and closed with a simple button. With the Msterclass wireless control system, mechatronic elements such as sun protection and lighting, also available for renovation, will be controlled by radiofrequency.

Climate & Ventilation

The rooms are poorly ventilated, with a charged atmosphere and lack of oxygen. For there are sensors, which control the indoor environment thanks to natural ventilation, or that carry out the most energy efficient ventilation thanks to the Masterclass OverG Fan window fan. This system allows a controlled air exchange, without opening the window. Energy consumption, indoor environment and air quality are maintained at an optimum level. Masterclass ventilation systems are applicable to both new work and renovation.


Customised for Your Home

The windows with Masterclass systems combine functionality with aesthetics thanks to an intelligent technique, in harmonious interaction with the variety of shapes and colours available. This is how we give an unmistakable style to each home, Masterclass windows represent innovation, quality and versatility. The different materials (aluminium and PVCu) can be combined with a wide variety of shapes, colours and design elements. Make a colourful difference to your home! Our windows offer a wide spectrum of design possibilities. Different coatings may be used depending on the material of the frame.

Creative Freedom

Thanks to the Masterclass line of handles for doors and windows, the interior and exterior of a building can be evenly designed.

  • A uniform design line for window handles, doors and sliders
  • An off-set handle to make opening easier
  • Easy handling of the opening elements, both mechanically & electronically
  • An exclusive and high quality look through functional design


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