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Masterclass has an extensive range of colours and finishes, which means that there are almost unlimited possibilities for establishing individualised colour styles in your own home. In addition, thanks to the new finish coatings Masterclass will satisfy the highest aesthetic demands. Inspired by the expertise of the auto paint industry, the brilliant metallic tones are now feasible in PVC profiles.

Anti Theft Device

Anti-theft windows contain components that offer a certain level of resistance to attempted theft, in addition to the usual functionality. A CE Mark distinguishes different types of safety.


In addition to the swinging and folding windows (also called reversible), there is the swing-swing – the type of opening used most frequently. The choice of opening will depend on the specifications of the window, the cleaning possibilities and the level of safety during the service.


Masterclass construction technology offers a wide range of possible solutions for private homes. Our system allows electronic opening and closing by means of window monitoring, natural and automatic ventilation, as well as a solar protection with electric drive and anti-reflection protection. The advantages for the user: greater well-being due to the pleasant interior climate, tangible savings in energy costs and greater safety and comfort.

Mushroom Head Lock

The mushroom head lock is part of the anti-theft window hardware. Its name is due to the mushroom protrusions on the leaf of the window, which when closed is hooked on the closing plates of the frame. This can make it difficult or even prevent window breakage – depending on the level of security.


The wide variety of finishes and profiles of Masterclass meet all the requirements in terms of colour and guarantees the maximum freedom of configuration. For aluminum windows there are practically no colour restrictions. Composite profiles can also have two colours, so that different styles can be set inside and outside. And finally, thanks to AutomotiveFinish, the new Masterclass finish for finishes, you can have shiny metallic tones in your PVC profiles.


Masterclass window systems are available in different contours: from simple flush contour to an elegant steel contour.


The most important thing in Masterclass window design is that its complex functionality is not obvious. Thus, for example, concealed fittings ensure narrow interior widths by removing the hinges in the wall attachment area. In this way, large window formats with high blade weights are easier to execute and have a more elegant appearance. The wide variety of finishes and colors, as well as a choice of elegant contours, give you maximum freedom when getting a personalized style through shapes and colors.

Energy Efficiency

Insulation of windows is one of the most important measures to improve energy efficiency. In order to estimate the quality of the thermal insulation, there are different units of measurement. The most significant index in this respect is the U value, whose minimum requirements are stipulated in the framework of the energy saving (EnEV) regulations for most of the components of the building.


Masterclass offers aluminum and PVC windows, each with its own particular advantages. The aluminum is totally resistant to the weather, suitable for large buildings and is distinguished by its high transparency. On the other hand, PVC has excellent insulation properties and long service life without maintenance. It is also very economical. 
All materials have in common, however, the possibility of being combined with a multitude of shapes, colors and design elements.

Air Renewal

Ventilation opening the window carries a number of disadvantages: excess moisture, heat loss, dust and pollen entry, high noise levels and increased risk of theft. Masterclass offers an integrated ventilation system in the window with heat recovery. Sensor control ensures optimum ventilation.


The concealed fittings of the Masterclass system ensure a high level of basic safety. By using additional safety locking points, the anti-theft resistance of the window can be increased to safety class 3. Lockable handles offer extra security. With the monitored monitoring of the closure the user can feel especially safe, as it has a function of monitoring the electronic locks when leaving the house.

Security: Classes

EN 1627 describes the requirements of the properties of windows and anti-theft doors and their classification. These will be located in different security classes. Security class 1 windows offer basic protection against physical attacks such as kicking, jumping over, shoulder loads, lifting and starting. However, they have limited protection against levers. Security class 2 windows make it difficult for thieves to move with simple tools like screwdrivers, pincers and wedges. They have a medium anti-theft resistance. A window of security class 3 has a high anti-theft protection. Resist the attempt of a thief who wants to enter using a second screwdriver and an iron bar.

By means of the above defined safety classes (WK), regulated by European standards, you can know how effective a window is to forced entry attempts. Masterclass provides security components from class WK1 to WK3.


U Value

The U value indicates the level of heat loss in each window. It is calculated as the mean between the indoor and outdoor values, per square meter and hour, with a temperature difference between both sides of 1K. The U value can be determined with a measuring device or calculated from EN 674.


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