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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency – How We Save You energy

Masterclass home automation is the control of anything in the home that has an electrical supply. Ultimately, it is about making life in the home and garden easier and safer. It provides improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Masterclass adaptions specifically embraces this technology for the elderly and the disabled as it provides increased quality of life for the persons who might otherwise require caregivers or instructional care. The popularity of home automation has greatly increased in recent years due to affordability and simplicity.


Security – why take risks?

Masterclass products never compromise security over functionality. We strive to continuously improve and offer a wider, diverse product knowledge which in turn helps meet our client’s needs. Masterclass “Smart Locks” operate with just one click on the remote fob to unlock and open the door. No need to lift handles or turn keys. This system has a high level of security with integral safety features.

Our adaption line of products are specifically for clients who require disability adaption. The Masterclass “Smart Locks” power unit is a small receiver unit that can be fitted inside the property and plugged into a standard wall socket. The door can be set to stay open for as long as is required (usually between 30 – 60 seconds). After this time, the door will automatically shut and relock itself. This type of technology can be retro fitted to existing doors as well as new products. This is just one of many solutions for doors. We can adapt any door configuration you choose. Our systems are able to move casement – weights up to 300 kg with a self-cleaning guide ensures the products performance and security.


Masterclass, fully automatic

Lifestyle without limitation is not just words, its Masterclass commitment to our clients. Our mission statement is to provide each and every client the very best solution for their day to day life through our product integration. Our solutions offer cost effective systems guaranteed to ensure that your lifestyle is uncompromised. Every home, every person has a specific requirement which is unique to their circumstances and this in turn requires an organisation who understands the needs of their Clients. Masterclass Adaptations tailors every solution to the individual needs of our Clients.


Customised for Your Home

A personalisation visible at first glance. The windows with Masterclass systems combine functionality with aesthetic thanks to an intelligent technique, in harmonious interaction with the variety of shapes and colours available. This is how we give an unmistakable style to each building: Masterclass windows represent innovation, quality and versatility. The different materials (aluminium and PVCu) can be combined with a wide variety of shapes, colours and design elements. Make a colourful difference in your home! For our windows we offer a wide spectrum of design possibilities. Different coatings may be used depending on the material of the frame.


Creative Freedom

Thanks to the Masterclass line of handles for doors and windows, the interior and exterior of a building can be evenly designed.

  • A uniform design line for window handles, doors and sliders
  • Easy handling of the opening elements, both mechanically and electronically
  • An exclusive and high quality look through a functional design


From Biometric to Sliding Doors, here's all our terminology explained for you

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