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Two materials with different characteristics. Aluminum doors are sturdy and durable. If you prefer to focus on thermal insulation, PVC doors are your choice.

We offer you the right material for your personal needs.



Sliding and folding aluminium doors create spaces flooded with light, with attractive aesthetics and personalised styles. This space saving system enables a new and spacious room concept, with a plus in quality. All the systems for folding doors and sliding doors convince by its lightness and easy handling. In the private sphere, they are also perfect for globalised use.

  • Light material
  • Narrow viewing widths
  • Optimal soundproofing

Thanks to the Masterclass sliding system it is possible to install large sliding surfaces with maximum transparency. The design is defined by its slender profiles and an outer frame hidden in the structure of the building. In addition to the design of this sliding door, it is also surprising its exceptional thermal insulation, which leads to levels of Passivhaus. And with the systems of control of the profile and lock of the slider the user comfort is maximised.

The highly insulated system for sliding-lift doors convinces by its perfect rain tightness, its excellent soundproofing and a class of theft resistance up to RC2. It also creates a quiet and simple transition to balconies, terraces and porches. Since the sash moves in a single plane, there are no exterior or interior openings, which makes it gain more space for your interior decoration.

The leaf package of this door can be folded in or out and pushed left or right with little effort. The leaves circulate quickly and silently through upper and lower rails safely. Each element is folded and displaced, forming a narrow package on the side, quickly and compactly. This creates a perfect connection between the interior and the exterior.




The sliding PVC doors of the Masterclass systems have high insulation characteristics thanks to the thermal bridging of the PVC material. Choose the one that is right for you according to your location, always keeping your individual desires in the foreground.

  • Narrow viewing widths
  • Improved anti-theft protection
  • Wide freedom of configuration 



With the multi-chamber profile of PVC, a sash width of 70 mm and excellent glass configuration, the Masterclass Slide system achieves incredible values ​​of thermal insulation. The leaves of this sliding door are installed so that there is a thermal break between the exterior and interior, thus avoiding a cold floor next to the door. A new insulation system guarantees maximum weather tightness, as well as optimum soundproofing.

  • Very good thermal insulation
  • 82 mm profile width for safety
  • No barriers, easy transition to the outside


The Masterclass PVC sliding doors create spaces flooded with light, with attractive aesthetics and personalised styles. This space saving system enables a new and spacious room concept, with a plus in quality.

Saving energy not only means doing something for the protection of the environment, but also saving money, and this concerns the owner, in view of rapidly rising energy costs. This creates a high comfort in the house through a pleasant and constant interior environment,

  • Higher requirements for anti-theft protection
  • Maximum weather tightness, as well as optimum soundproofing
  • Unlimited supply of colours


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