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Energy Efficiency

Start the Day at Your Door

Masterclass doors offer thermal insulation, which meets all the legal requirements of the future in the present. Interaction between doors, windows, sliding, etc. The potential for optimal energy savings can be extracted. The result: low energy costs. And a commitment to protecting the environment, which starts with your door.


Stable Door Environment

A thermally insulated Masterclass main door constantly ensures a pleasant indoor environment regardless of the outside temperature. In the cold seasons the heat stays inside the house; And in the warm, outside. This way, you can save high energy costs for your heating or air conditioning, while contributing to the conservation of the environment. Masterclass guarantees maximum isolation in any weather. The door frames protect you from the discomfort caused by rains and drafts.

The isothermal lines show it: in spite of the subzero temperatures of the outside, there is a pleasant temperature in the interior, even next to the main door. It goes without saying that the main doors of Masterclass meet all legal requirements,


Door Frames: Perfect Protection Against Wind & Rain

A Masterclass main door that saves energy needs a thermally insulated threshold that makes it seal with the floor. This prevents high energy losses and offers the ground protection against rain and drafts. Masterclass has different threshold options, which thanks to the low installation height of 20 mm can be used in houses without barriers.


Masterclass – Leaves Danger at the Door

Well protected day and night. With Masterclass, security is not just a feeling, it is a reality. Through automatic closing and monitoring systems. Even through main doors that can be equipped according to your personal security needs.

Masterclass offers the latest locking systems and equipment options, with which your new front door will be adapted to your personal security needs. You can determine the effectiveness of a door against attempted theft by RC (WK) resistance classes defined by European standards. Masterclass can provide your dream entrance with safety components to reach resistance class RC3 (WK3). The police recommends for main doors a resistance class RC2 (WK2).


The Masterclass safety program includes closures with 1, 3 and 5 locking points, so that the level of resistance to theft of the door can be chosen according to personal safety requirements. The protection of a door against burglary attempts depends mainly on the type of closure and the number of closure points. and select the best security pack.

Cylindrical profile: Safety in detail

The cylindrical profile plays an important role in the security equipment of the door, as it is the primary objective in the robbery attempts. Masterclass provides all entrance doors with High Security Cylinders as standard.


With Masterclass, Fully Automatic

You may forget your key, but not your own finger. Opening the door with your finger is one of many ways to increase comfort. From electrical door openings, through automatic closing systems to radio remote controls, Masterclass has systems for any problem that can be integrated into any home. And thus increase the value of the property.

Comfort Through Automation

An automatically controlled building envelope is one of the tasks of the present with greater future. A multitude of functions, such as shading and security, have to be synchronised between them, in order to optimise energy expenditure. This is achieved by automatic opening and closing systems for windows, doors, sliding and sun protection systems, which use natural ventilation cycles, and daylight and sun dependent shading systems ideally coordinated with lighting, heating systems and ventilation. The mechanisms for practicable doors, either superimposed or well integrated, offer accessibility. In addition, the absence of the door threshold allows a customised configuration of the floor, for example, by using the automatic joint of the frame.



It’s Your Home

Visible personalisation – even before entering the house. Masterclass gives you the possibility to combine frame color and fittings according to your personal preferences. Our extensive design variants allow you to give a stylish and modern look to the heart of your home. This is how we give an unmistakable style to each building.

Custom Shapes & Colours

A visually perfect door design comes from the harmonious combination of frames, sheets and panels. The door panels, which are mounted in the frame of the active door leaf, are the main element when it comes to creating a style with which to be able to grant the door of your dreams, through the variety of shapes and colour, a distinctive design. Your partner Masterclass has ready for you a wide assortment of different panels. To make a difference, Masterclass offers you an almost unlimited choice of colors: from anodised finishes, through RAL and metallic coatings to sand effect. The possibility of using different interior and exterior colors for the frame and the door panel provides more design options.


Profiles as Design Elements

The variants of the Residential Line profile (RL), with a distinctive slope, and Line Soft (SL), with an elegantly rounded profile, offer special configuration possibilities, recommended for the rehabilitation of old buildings. In combination with the wide variety of door panels give you extensive freedom of action to configure the exterior appearance of the house. On the other hand, the different designs for reeds open new visual possibilities for the interior appearance of the house.


Mark Difference: Panels Subject or Overlapping

There are hardly any boundaries in creativity when planning your new front door: discover the perfect solution in our rich range of door panels. Three design options are available: subject panels and panels covering the sheet on one or both sides, also known as overlapping panels. The advantage of overlapping panels is the visual appearance of the door leaf, which makes the door seem more spacious and elegant – an important element for the renovation of narrow entrance doors. With the choice of a panel superimposed on both sides not only the external appearance of the door will be enlarged, but also the internal view of the finish will ensure a spacious appearance.


Handles: Design Elements for Interior & Exterior

Masterclass offers an extensive selection of shapes, sizes and colours, which can complete the interior visual aspect.


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